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SkillsFuture Credit can soon be used for new subscriptions on select online learning platforms

From September, as part of a pilot, Singaporeans1 will be able to use their SkillsFuture Credit2 to begin subscribing to online learning packages offered by selected providers. With this, Singaporeans who subscribe to the digital learning platforms packages can access bite-sized online courses anytime and anywhere, and pick up new skills at their own pace and convenience.

SSG has partnered NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB), Gnowbe, and ZilLearn on a two-year pilot initiative, which will offer users a subscription-based option for online learning packages on their respective digital platforms. The subscription will give users access to a wide range of Micro-Learning Courses (MLCs) curated for Singaporean learners and accredited by the respective online learning platforms or the relevant external organisations. NTUC LearningHub’s and Gnowbe’s platform will be launched in September 2021 and ZilLearn’s platform will be available in December 2021.

Please refer to MySkillsFuture portal (myskillsfuture.gov.sg) to find out more about the use of the SkillsFuture Credit for learning subscriptions offered by SSG’s partnered platforms, and Annex A on how users can check their SkillsFuture Credit balance. Individuals interested to subscribe to the learning subscriptions can apply directly at the respective partners’ platforms.

Diverse MLCs offered by partner platforms

- NTUC LHUB’s LHUB GO Infinity
LHUB GO Infinity is a one-stop learning solution platform which offers a suite of over 75,000 courses provided by premium content providers. With asynchronous online learning, users can fit learning into their busy schedules and learn on their favourite devices wherever they are. They can hone their competencies in areas such as Adaptive Skills, Digital Transformation, Health & Safety, Personal Development, Technology Skills, and Cybersecurity. With LHUB GO Infinity, users can also obtain micro-credentials upon completing courses.

Mr Tay Ee Learn, NTUC LearningHub’s Director of Technical Skills and Career Agility Product Divisions, said, “Being one of Singapore’s leading Continuing Education and Training providers, we are truly humbled and encouraged by SkillsFuture Singapore’s unwavering support in our mission to make learning accessible to all. Since its inception during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, LHUB GO serves to be a one-stop learning solution platform that offers world-class asynchronous learning. With the LHUB GO Infinity package that is SkillsFuture Credit claimable from September onwards, more learners will have access to a suite of 75,000 courses at their fingertips. We look forward to unveiling even more developments in our forward-looking learning solutions to help Singaporeans remain relevant and competitive in the new normal.”

- Gnowbe’s GnowbeLearnTM
Gnowbe is launching one of Singapore’s first subscription-based micro-learning libraries, GnowbeLearnTM. Unlike traditional Massive Open Online Courses, GnowbeLearn™ presents learners with an experiential learning journey that combines multi-modal elements such as video, audio, polls and quizzes to promote active application of skills and to facilitate community-based learning with other learners. Upon completion, learners will earn accredited digital certificates to boost on-the-job performance and employability.

During the two-year pilot with SSG, Singaporeans will have unlimited access to over 300 MLCs produced by industry experts and some of Singapore’s institutes of higher learning, such as NEXLeaders and Temasek Polytechnic. Courses are mapped to growth industries such as ICT and Healthcare, with more being added to meet the changing needs of the economy.

To promote lifelong learning and job discovery, Gnowbe has partnered with the National Youth Council and local career portals like FastJobs, INTERNSG and Wantedly Singapore to provide career resources and industry-specific live webinars.

Gnowbe’s CEO, Ms So-Young Kang shared, “Given the rise of online learning and upskilling, we saw the need for a product like GnowbeLearn™ to make learning easier and more relevant with Micro-Learning Courses from both global and local experts.  The benefit of the platform is that one’s retention of the subject is not impacted even when the time committed is short, as their knowledge will be reinforced through focused and memorable training activities and assessments. We are happy that our partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore will enable us to make GnowbeLearn™ easily accessible to Singaporeans.”

- Kydon’s ZilLearn
ZilLearn, a learning platform by home-grown learning technology company Kydon — a key partner in Singapore’s Alliance for Action on Edutech — includes learning content from the world’s best instructors, established training providers, and institutes of higher learning. A quick career health check-up analyses users’ resumes and past work experiences. From this analysis, ZilLearn identifies skills gaps based on professional goals, whether it be advancing in a current industry or pivoting to new sectors. Learners will benefit from knowing the skills they need for their target job role, made possible by ZilLearn’s big data insights from 17,000 skills and 3.4 million real-time job postings in Singapore and beyond.

ZilLearn gives smart learning recommendations from a wide range of curated, bite-sized courses that will enable learners to build industry-specific technical skills as well as cross-industry soft skills, such as leadership, negotiation, storytelling, and effective communication. With ZilLearn’s personalised dashboard, learners will chart their learning progress as they build job-relevant expertise and develop themselves beyond work.

Mr David Yeo, founder and CEO of Kydon, shared, “ZilLearn isn’t just about learning; it’s an intentional tool kit for educators and learners alike to share knowledge and close skills gaps, unlocking the potential of our people. As Singapore becomes a skills-based economy, I hope that ZilLearn can help our people become more adaptable and relevant in an engaging and effective way.”

Utilisation of SkillsFuture Credit

As of end-June 2021, more than 725,000 eligible Singaporeans have used their SkillsFuture Credit since its introduction in 2015. 94% of the claims were for industry-oriented courses and 88% of SkillsFuture Credit-eligible courses were industry-oriented as of end-June 2021.

1 All Singaporeans aged 25 and above who have received SFC are eligible to use their SFC to subscribe to the online learning packages offered by the selected online learning platform partners.
2 Individuals can only tap their opening SFC and one-off SFC top-up.

Annex A: How to check SFC balance

1. Log in on MySkillsFuture with Singpass and go to ‘SkillsFuture Credit’

1.	Log in on MySkillsFuture with Singpass and go to ‘SkillsFuture Credit’

2. The SkillsFuture Credit balance available will be shown on the left.

SkillsFuture Credit balance available will be shown on the left.