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SkillsFuture Festival 2019 - Learn for a Better You

SkillsFuture Festival 2019, which celebrates lifelong learning and skills mastery, will be held from 28 June to 11 August 2019. Organised by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), the second edition of the SkillsFuture Festival will be 6-week long and will feature more than 350 learning activities that cater to companies and all Singaporeans.

With more than 250 community, education and industry partners participating in SkillsFuture Festival 2019, the Festival aims to reach out to more than 200,000 visitors. The activities will be held island-wide, at convenient locations in the neighbourhoods, at Institutes of Higher Learning and within business hubs, to make learning easily accessible.

Helping Companies to Transform

Through key events such as the SkillsFuture Festival Forum, SkillsFuture Festival@NUS and SkillsFuture Festival Enterprise Series, companies will share insights and learn from thought leaders on how they can prepare for the future economy, and gain a competitive edge by harnessing technology and building a pool of skilled workers.

SkillsFuture Festival Forum – Innovating for the Future of Work: The Festival will kick off with a forum, focusing on technology-driven innovation and how companies can prepare themselves to ride the wave of change, leveraging technology and talent. Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Trade and Industry, and senior executives from OCBC, Ninja Van, Lazada Singapore and Institute of Human Resource Professionals will be sharing their insights and experiences.

SkillsFuture Festival@National University of Singapore: Themed ‘Industry 4.0 and the Future of Skills’, the event is supported by all our autonomous universities, polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education. The one-day event includes two plenary sessions and 26 workshops led by industry experts on the key challenges faced by firms in adopting Industry 4.0 and the way forward. Participants can attend micro lessons, talks and other activities that showcase SkillsFuture Series courses.

SkillsFuture Festival Enterprise Series: Trade associations and chambers such as the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore National Employment Federation, SME Centre@Singapore, and Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry, are also organising learning events targeted at companies in support of the Festival.

SkillsFuture Festival@Business Hubs: Working professionals near Westgate and Changi City Point can participate in talks and 10-minute learning sessions and workshops during lunch.

Learn for a Better You

Singaporeans can visit events such as the Work-Learn Carnival, SkillsFuture Festival in Your Community and SkillsFuture Festival X Smart Nation to boost their knowledge of work skills. They can explore and learn about skills that are in demand as well as emerging skills which are relevant in today’s technology-driven era.

Work-Learn Carnival: The carnival showcases new and existing work-learn programmes offerings by industry partners from over 20 sectors. Students and graduates from the Institutes of Higher Learning can learn more about these programmes, which can help them to develop fulfilling careers in these sectors.

SkillsFuture Festival in Your Community: Residents can participate in a range of community-led SkillsFuture Festival activities led by community partners such as the five Community Development Councils, Singapore Science Centre, National Library Board, Council for Third Age and People’s Association, at convenient locations near them. They can gain knowledge on digital trends such as 3D printing, firm making on mobile phone, and digital literacy.

SkillsFuture Festival X Smart Nation: The technology-focused event will help participants understand how technology is evolving and its impact on them. They can also look forward to discovering exciting possibilities that technology presents and how they can embrace these changes.

SkillsFuture Festival Executive Series: Participants can learn about the latest technology trends and sharpen their work skills through a series of workplace lunchtime talks and masterclasses organised by Shopee, OCBC, Prudential, General Assembly and Young NTUC.

SkillsFuture Festival Singapore History Series and SkillsFuture Festival – The making of Bicentennial Experience: Participants can sign up for a series of lectures on 700 years of Singapore’s history. At the same time, participants can attend a series of talks by the creative team, which gives an exciting glimpse into the behind-the-scenes working process of the Bicentennial Experience.

SkillsFuture Festival X National Day Celebrations @ Heartlands: For the first time, SkillsFuture Festival will join in the National Day celebrations by bringing the joy of learning to the community at the National Day carnivals in the heartlands.

SkillsFuture Festival online: Learn on the go with online learning resources made available on the SkillsFuture Festival. During the Festival, curated online courses from DataCamp as well as NLB’s eBooks and eResources will be available to learners.

Celebrate Skills Mastery

The Festival gives recognition to individuals who display skills mastery in their respective fields. It encourages Singaporeans to embrace and celebrate skills mastery.

SkillsFuture Fellowships and SkillsFuture Employer Awards: The annual awards ceremony celebrates Singaporeans who display skills mastery in their respective fields, and show strong commitment to mentoring others. It also recognises exemplary employers who have made significant investments in the skills and career development of their employees.

SkillsFuture Festival SG Masters and Makers: For the first time, the Festival will feature a marketplace, which brings together local skills masters and craftsmen to showcase and promote their works. In addition, members of the public can pick up new skills through sharing sessions by Masters and Makers and teaser workshops.

SSG X CNA “Power Hour with SkillsFuture Fellows”: Participants can learn from SkillsFuture Fellows, in this series of interactive lunchtime workshops at Asia Square, The Cube. Topics include the importance of a growth mindset, user experience that applies to everyday life and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Information on the SkillsFuture Festival 2019 and a full listing of all the activities is available on the MySkillsFuture app or on MySkillsFuture.sg/Festival.