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SkillsFuture Singapore Collaborates with Industry Partners and Institutes of Higher Learning to Build a Skilled and Resilient Workforce for the Future of Advanced Manufacturing

A. About 2,300 training opportunities to support individuals for advanced manufacturing 

To help manufacturers adapt to the crisis and build the necessary capabilities to thrive in post-COVID world, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is rolling out about 2,300 training opportunities in advanced manufacturing. This is part of the national SGUnited Jobs and Skills initiative to upskill and reskill mid-career jobseekers for growth sectors such as advanced manufacturing. In particular, SSG is partnering leading companies in Industry 4.0 technology such as Bosch, NVIDIA Corporation (NVIDIA), Omron Corporation (OMRON), PBA Robotics, and Siemens to provide 500 company training opportunities under the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme1. These companies will take the lead to groom mid-career talent and facilitate placements in hiring companies, where they can take on emerging roles such as Industrial Design Engineers, Automation Engineers, Machine Learning Specialists and Product Designers. 

The SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme curriculum comprises role-specific and emerging skills courses, which are curated by the lead firms. Participants will benefit from structured training and practical experience, and get to work on real projects alongside mentors from the lead firms, to learn skills in collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, information technology and operational technology integration and Artificial Intelligence. These skills are deemed as emerging and necessary by industry leaders for advanced manufacturing. Enterprises will also benefit from hiring this ready pool of trained individuals to support their advanced manufacturing transformation efforts. 

These train-and-place programmes will commence progressively by November 2020. Interested participants can find out more information on MySkillsFuture portal.


B. Launch of Global Technology Innovation Village to develop Singapore as an innovative Industry 4.0 hub for technology and knowledge transfer 

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is collaborating with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to form the Global Technology Innovation Village (GTiV). Supported by SSG, this first-of-its-kind partnership will serve as a regional platform for Singapore to share knowledge and expertise in advanced manufacturing with regional government and business leaders. 

Under the GTiV, an Industry 4.0 consortium will be set up, comprising 19 technology leaders, SMEs, standards organisation, SSG and JTC. The consortium will support the regional sharing of technology and knowledge by allowing developing ADB member countries to leverage Singapore’s expertise in Industry 4.0, applied research & development, start-ups and innovations. This will enable the consortium partners to tap into growth opportunities in both local and overseas markets through the network of regional leaders. SSG will mobilise its pool of qualified training and adult educators to help ADB member countries uplift their workforce capabilities. This creates internationalisation opportunities for Singapore’s Training and Adult Education sector, and job opportunities for our pool of adult educators.  

For a start, GTiV will be rolling out six workshops in four domain areas of advanced manufacturing, 5G, artificial intelligence of things and food technologies in the first half of 2021, with expected participation of more than 100 government and business leaders across Asia. The training curriculum for the workshops will be co-developed by SP and the consortium partners. 

GTiV is aligned to the National Advanced Manufacturing Continuing Education and Training Strategy announced at ITAP 2018, which covers talent attraction, retention and skills development for a local and ready workforce in advanced manufacturing.

1 The SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme is part of the national SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package. The programme is delivered by market-leading, reputable companies in selected sectors, to help mid-career PMET jobseekers acquire additional in-demand industry-relevant skills to secure new job opportunities.