More support for mid-career entrants looking to become supply chain professionals through new Professional Conversion Programme for Supply Chain Professionals

SINGAPORE, 25 May 2018 – Workforce Singapore (WSG), in partnership with the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA), announced today the new Adapt and Grow Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Supply Chain Professionals, which will provide training and salary support for mid-career entrants looking to enter the supply chain sector.

2              This new PCP will benefit up to 100 mid-career PMETs in the next two years. The programme is developed in response to employers’ feedback on the need for skilled manpower to support their end-to-end supply chain operations, especially as Singapore gears up for an unprecedented boom in global and regional cross-border trade and goods consumption. This also comes on the back of the logistics industrial transformation, which is expected to achieve a value-add of S$8.3 billion and create 2,000 new jobs by 2020.

3              Dr Robert Yap, Founding Chairman of SCALA said, “Since its inception, SCALA has played a strong role in helping to reskill and upskill Singaporean job seekers who are eager to be part of this modern logistics industry.  Through the Experiential Workplace Learning™ approach which focuses on creating a conducive learning environment, both employers and SCALAians are empowered to learn and transform together.  Over the last one year we have also witnessed strong industry endorsement of SCALA’s mission with over 300 members in SCALA's Supply Chain and Logistics Corporate Network, most of whom are from SMEs, eager to spur the transformation of our industry, and help Singapore progress and be future-ready.”

4              Mid-career entrants who take up new jobs as supply chain professionals through the new PCP will undergo SCALA’s facilitated classroom learning, mentoring by industry veterans and on-the-job training. Leveraging SCALA’s specially-curated, Experiential Workplace Learning™ curriculum, PMETs new to the supply chain sector will also gain new skills in supply chain management, design thinking, innovative problem solving, and systems analysis. Interested mid-career Singaporeans and PRs who have graduated or completed National Service for at least two years may apply. Successful candidates will be hired by participating employers and undergo training for 12 months.              

5              Mr Tan Choon Shian, WSG’s Chief Executive said, “We are heartened by the recognition employers placed on the value of mid-career entrants through their demand for dedicated skills conversion programmes. The partnership with SCALA to mount and develop the new PCP for Supply Chain Professionals signifies WSG’s commitment and continued effort to help employers tap on this valuable manpower source, and mid-career Singaporeans to take on new job opportunities in industries with good growth prospects, such as logistics.”

First cohort of Logistics PCPs participants graduates today

6              47 mid-career entrants from WSG’s first cohort of the Adapt and Grow Professional Conversion Programme for Logistics Officers and Executives graduated today and will join the logistics industry as newly minted logistics officers and executives. To date, a total of 161 local mid-career individuals are undergoing or have benefited from the PCPs for Logistics Officer and Logistics Executive. In total, close to 240 PMETs have benefitted from the full suite of logistics related PCPs1.

7              Together with the PCP for Supply Chain Professionals, WSG will continue to develop and sustain a strong talent pipeline to support the industry’s growth, and help mid-career entrants from other sectors transit smoothly into the industry.

8              Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs Josephine Teo was the Guest-of-honour at today’s inaugural SCALA Graduation Ceremony for PCPs for Logistics Officer and Logistics Executive.


1 Full offerings of Logistics related PCPs include PCPs for Logistics Officer and Logistics Executive, PCPs for Air Freight Officer and Air Freight Executive, PCP for e-Commerce Supply Chain Professionals, and PCP for Southeast Asia Ready Talent