WSG's Career Starter Programme to give a job search boost to graduating ITE and Polytechnic students

Singapore, 21 January 2019 – Workforce Singapore (WSG) will roll out the Career Starter Programme this month to provide a boost to the job-search efforts of work-bound graduates from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnics.

2    Implemented by WSG and supported by the ITE and polytechnics, the Career Starter Programme will complement existing efforts in the ITE and polytechnics to prepare graduates for the workplace. Structured Education and Career Guidance (ECG) enables students to deepen awareness of their strengths and interests in their first year. Through their course of study, students learn more about the world of work through internships, job fairs and mentorship from alumni or industry representatives.

3    The Career Starter Programme comes in to provide added and more targeted support for graduating students seeking employment. It consists of three components – (i) a Career Starter Pack resource guide which provides graduating students with information about resources to support their job search; (ii) specialised workshops to reinforce job search strategies and skills; and (iii) personalised coaching for graduating students who require more in-depth support in their job search. In particular, the latter two components also extend to fresh graduates, thereby allowing more seamless support to those transiting to the workforce.

4    About 28,000 graduating ITE and polytechnic students will be receiving the Career Starter Pack resource by end-January. For students and fresh graduates facing greater difficulty in their job search efforts, more targeted support will also be provided through interactive workshops to reinforce their job search strategies and skills, or individualised career coaching through WSG’s Careers Connect. (Please refer to Annex A for more details of the three components.)

5    Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Ministry of Education (MOE), said, “The Career Starter Programme aims to boost the quality of our young ITE and poly graduates’ job search and help them find work suited to their aspirations and qualifications. They can make better and informed choices with the aid of the information guide and workshops, as well as career coaching for those who need extra help. This programme and resources like the MySkillsFuture portal are designed to equip, enhance and enable new job entrants transit smoothly to the working world and give them a strong head start in their careers.”

6    Ms Lynn Ng, Group Director of WSG’s Careers Connect Group, said, “The Career Starter Programme is specially curated for work-bound graduates of the ITE and Polytechnics. The transition from school to the workplace can be a challenging one for some, and we hope this programme will provide them with personalised career guidance and customised job search support so as to increase their chances of landing a job.”

Please refer to the following Annexes for more details on the Career Starter Programme:

  • Annex A – About the Career Starter Programme
  • Annex B – Career Starter Pack


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Through its strong network of industry connections, NYP empowers learners for work and life through relevant curricula and deep capabilities. NYP strives to be the innovative polytechnic, creating a nexus of future-ready learners, ready to take on new challenges and contribute to growth and sustainability. Nanyang Polytechnic is a recipient of Singapore’s top organisational and business excellence awards: the Singapore Quality Award, the Innovation Excellence Award and the People Excellence Award.

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SP clinched the inaugural ASEAN People’s Award in 2015 for its contributions toward the region’s community-building efforts. SP is also the first polytechnic to be awarded the President’s Award for the Environment in 2010 and the President's Social Service Award in 2011.

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The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is a post-secondary education institution established in 1992 under the Ministry of Education. As a principal provider of career and technical education, and a key developer of national occupational skills certification and standards, ITE's Mission is to create opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge and values for employability and lifelong learning. ITE's Vision is to be A Trailblazer in Career and Technical Education. Our Values are Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Care. ITE comprises the ITE Headquarters and three ITE Colleges - College Central, College East and College West.

Annex A

About the Career Starter Programme

Workforce Singapore’s Career Starter Programme provides a boost to the job-search efforts of work-bound graduates from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnics.

Implemented by WSG and supported by ITE and the polytechnics, the Career Starter Programme will complement existing Education and Career Guidance (ECG) efforts to prepare graduates for the workplace. Structured ECG enables students to deepen awareness of their strengths and interests in their first year. Through their course of study, students learn more about the world of work through internships, job fairs and mentorship from alumni or industry representatives.

The Career Starter Programme comes in to provide added and more targeted support for graduating students seeking employment. The Career Starter Programme consists of three components and each component is offered independently, customised to address different needs.

Component 1: Career Starter Pack

A resource that includes information about the suite of support programmes, job opportunities, and career resources relevant to fresh graduates. The objective of the pack is to create awareness of employment facilitation efforts and available career resources to help work-bound graduating students take ownership of their job search efforts.

Component 2: Career Booster Workshop

An interactive workshop to help reinforce the job search strategies and skills useful for successfully landing a job, for instance, resume writing and interview skills and search approach to discover career opportunities through the jobs portal MyCareersFuture.sg.

Component 3: Individualised CARE360

Personalised and intensive career coaching and other customised support under CARE360 from WSG career coaches will be made available for those who have been actively looking for a job for the past three months but are unable to find employment. These jobseekers can sign up with WSG’s Careers Connect individually or be referred by an ECG Counsellor.

CARE360 offers modular programmes that can provide jobseekers with in-depth career advice and action plans through a structured, consultative career planning and development process. Jobseekers will be assessed before being recommended a customised plan from the following five programmes:

a. Career Catalyst

  • A one-on-one session with a Career Coach that would provide the jobseeker with in-depth analyses of their career needs to steer them in the right direction

b. Career Activator

  • A programme that allows jobseekers to gain insights into the work environment by touring the company before taking up the position. This allows them to better evaluate their career decision by familiarising themselves with the company’s culture, job requirements and progression opportunities

c. Career Recharger

  • A personalised one-on-one career counselling to equip jobseekers with effective coping strategies to become more resilient

d. Career Energiser

  • A series of workshops to upgrade jobseekers’ job search capabilities to give them the skills and confidence to land a job

e. Career 360

  • A session for jobseekers to strengthen their elevator pitch and networking skills and for them to gain insights on industry outlook and hiring trends from leading experts

Annex B

Please refer to Annex B here