New Categories Of SkillsFuture Employer Awards And SkillsFuture Fellowships Open For Nominations Today

The SkillsFuture Fellowships and the SkillsFuture Employer Awards 2018 are now open for nominations for the second year. Starting from today, individuals and employers who meet the criteria can submit their nominations by 31 March 2018 through the SkillsFuture website at skillsfuture.sg/fellowships and skillsfuture.sg/employerawards. Two new categories are introduced to the SkillsFuture Employer Awards this year – Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Non-SMEs.

The SkillsFuture Fellowships recognise individuals who have developed skills mastery, while the SkillsFuture Employer Awards recognise employers who are exemplary in developing the skills of their employees throughout their careers. Both awards will be evaluated by a judging panel comprising representatives from the industry and union. Details of the judging panel is at Annex A. The first batch of 27 individuals and 14 employers received their awards at the inaugural awards ceremony from then-President Tony Tan Keng Yam in August this year.  

Criteria for Awards

SkillsFuture Fellowships

The SkillsFuture Fellowships recognise and support Singapore Citizens who have acquired deep skills through significant work experience. They should also be champions of lifelong learning and deeply committed to contribute to the skills development of others.

Award recipients will receive a monetary award of S$10,000 each to support their continual journey towards skills mastery in their respective fields. The criteria for the award is listed as follows:

                    i.            Singapore Citizens with at least 10 years of working experience in the same (or related) industry or job function;

                    ii.            Possess deep skills in relevant areas of professional and technical expertise;

                   iii.            Demonstrate a strong personal commitment to lifelong learning and mastery of domain, with plans to pursue further skills mastery; and

                   iv.            Contributed significantly to the skills development of others, as an active advocate for lifelong learning and skills development.

Employers, trade associations and chambers, and unions are welcome to nominate suitable individuals for the SkillsFuture Fellowships. Individuals may also apply for the award on their own, with support from their past or current employers, or business partners in the case of self-employed persons.

SkillsFuture Employer Awards

Employers play a key role in encouraging workplace learning and skills development. The SkillsFuture Employer Awards recognise exemplary employers who not only recognise skills mastery but are also strong advocates for the SkillsFuture movement and building a lifelong learning culture in their workplaces.

Two new categories are set up under the SkillsFuture Employer Awards in 2018 - SkillsFuture Employer Awards for SMEs and SkillsFuture Employer Awards for non-SMEs. Recognising the differences in human capital development and practices between SMEs and Non-SMEs, the two categories will give due recognition to the organisations’ efforts in supporting the SkillsFuture movement and investing in skills development of their employees.

Individuals, companies, trade associations and chambers, and unions are welcome to nominate organisations for the award. Organisations may also apply for the award themselves. The criteria for the award is listed as follows:

                    i.            Singapore registered entities, covering small and medium enterprises, large corporations and voluntary welfare organisations;

                    ii.            Participation in SkillsFuture and/or other efforts in building lifelong learning culture in the workplace, including how the organisation has been supporting the employees’ learning and development;

                   iii.            Recognition for skills and skills mastery when hiring and in the career development of employees, including how the organisation emphasises skills in employees’ development; and

                   iv.            Alignment of employee development efforts with other national manpower objectives, including how the organisation has strengthened its competitiveness and sustainability by adopting initiatives to enhance productivity, build a strong Singaporean Core, and/or create a good work environment.

Chairman of the judging panel, Mr Choo Chiau Beng said, “We received more than 500 nominations for the 2017 awards, which is very encouraging. The quantity and the quality of the nominations received show that individuals understand the importance and are committed to skills deepening and mastery, and that employers value skills and skills development beyond paper qualifications. We hope to see more deserving individuals and companies recognised in the coming years.”

“The two new categories under the SkillsFuture Employers Awards in 2018 are introduced to better recognise human capital development efforts by employers within the respective areas. With the new SME and non-SME categories, we hope that more employers, especially SMEs, will come forward to share their efforts and achievements in championing skills development in the employees.” said Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive of SkillsFuture Singapore. 

Annex A – Judging Panel for SkillsFuture Fellowships and Employer Awards