Committee For Private Education To Cancel Registration Of Errant Private Education Institution

SINGAPORE, 25 January 2017 – The Committee for Private Education (CPE) will be cancelling the registration of Edes Academy (Edes), a private education institution (PEI), with effect from 9 February 2017, on the following grounds:

a. Under section 38(1)(f)(i) of the Private Education (PE) Act – That the PEI or its Managers is contravening or has contravened the Act;

b. Under section 38(1)(h) of the PE Act – That the continued registration of the PEI is not in the interests of the public, or the students, intending students or prospective students of the PEI;

c. Under section 38(1)(m) of the PE Act – That the PEI is being administered in a manner that is –

i. Contrary to the interests of the public; or

ii. Detrimental or likely to be detrimental to its students, intending students or prospective students.

Edes is not permitted to offer private education courses with immediate effect.


2.          CPE has investigated and obtained evidence that Edes failed to maintain proper student attendance records. Students who were absent were indicated by Edes as being present for classes in the records. CPE takes a serious view of such a contravention as it impacts the students' learning outcomes.

3.          The PEI also repeatedly contravened the PE Act. Edes did not inform CPE of changes on its management, which is a mandatory requirement for accountability. It also failed repeatedly to publish mandatory information, such as teacher-student ratio and members of its academic board on its website, as part of information transparency required for its students and prospective ones.


4.          CPE has directed Edes to place-out or refund the full course fees to existing students on their records by 9 February 2017.

5.          “While the private education sector has improved over the years, students need to be discerning when choosing the PEI they enrol with as errant PEIs still exist. We encourage members of the public to continue to provide us with feedback so that we can improve the sector's standards,” said Director-General (Private Education), SkillsFuture Singapore, Mr Brandon Lee.

6.          In the interest of students and adults pursuing lifelong learning and skills mastery, CPE will not hesitate to take errant operators to task should they contravene the Private Education Act and its Regulations, and will continue to monitor the industry closely through regular and unannounced inspections to ensure compliance.