Small and Medium Enterprises Can Achieve Greater Efficiency and Productivity through a new LED Project in Product Testing and Development

7 November 2016, Singapore –The Singapore Polytechnic, Workforce Singapore and Agilent Technologies launched a new collaborative Lean Enterprise Development (LED) project known as Industry Development, Enhancement and Advancement Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises (IDEAS) today, to help SMEs in the different industries improve the efficiency and productivity of their product testing and development efforts.

2.            This new project under the LED Scheme was conceptualised to help SMEs overcome the existing challenges of product testing and development. Many of our local food manufacturing companies faced difficulties in developing new capabilities and adopting technological advances in their workplace due to lack of economies of scale and access to state-of-the-art analytical equipment, ideation and know-how. The multi-pronged solutions offered under this project will significantly increase the productivity of SMEs in the food manufacturing industry, and will also be extended to other industries including Biomedical Sciences, Chemicals, Oil & Gases and Environmental technology.

3.            In this first-of-its-kind collaboration, Agilent Technologies will place a leading-edge analyser, the Agilent 5977B High Efficiency Source GC/MSD System at SP and collaborate with Singapore Polytechnic to develop the training materials and provide technical assistance required to operate the analyser. SMEs can tap on these analysers to shorten the time required for their product testing and development process by six times, from 24 hours to four hours, and achieve greater accuracy. More information on this analyser can be found in Appendix 1.

4.            Agilent Vice President and Country General Manager for Singapore, Chow Woai Sheng said, “This project is a very important initiative under LED Scheme that creates the ecosystem for Singapore’s industry manpower to be constantly upskilled. Agilent’s leading-edge instruments and technology, and our passionate technological experts will enable local SMEs to gain insights and trusted answers that will help propel their productivity and product quality to the next level.”

5.            Singapore Polytechnic will also provide consultancy services and develop the technical notes from the various product testing and developments conducted by its staff and students. They will then share the relevant information via the masterclasses and workshops supported by Workforce Singapore through the Industry Catalyst Programme. This will facilitate the transfer of learning to other SMEs.

6.            Singapore Polytechnic’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Soh Wai Wah said, “The presence of advanced instrumentation in SP and technical notes developed by our dedicated research staff will enhance the training curriculum of working professionals and enable companies to know their products better and produce better quality products that differentiate themselves in the local and overseas marketplace. At the same time, working with partners like Agilent will enable our students and staff to embrace the latest technology.”

7.            Chief Executive of Workforce Singapore, Mr Tan Choon Shian said, “This collaboration signifies the development of a self-sustaining industry ecosystem, with MNCs taking the first step to help SMEs. Through the LED Scheme, SMEs will be able to continually upgrade their technological competence as well as their employees’ product testing and development capability. Workforce Singapore will continue to support willing and progressive SMEs through the LED Scheme to help them leverage state-of-the-art solutions, build technical expertise, strengthen their Singaporean core and advance their global competitiveness.”

8.            IDEAS, a new LED project, was launched by Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Manpower & Mayor for North East District, at an event jointly organised by the Singapore Polytechnic, Workforce Singapore and Agilent Technologies. Six SMEs have come on board to participate in this programme, including Gryphon Tea Company. More than 50 companies are expected to benefit from this programme.

9.            Executive Director of Gryphon Tea Company, Lim Tian Wee said, “I would like to consider using state-of-the-art technology under LED Scheme to scientifically prove that Gryphon’s products are of premium quality. As a homegrown Singapore company, we are eagerly anticipating the boost that we will be getting from the LED scheme  – not only in terms of the uplifting of the capabilities of our employees, but by being part of this first of its kind ecosystem that will enable us to contribute to Singapore’s economy as a whole..”


Appendix 1: Factsheet on the Launch of A New Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Project for the Food Manufacturing Sector -  Industry Development, Enhancement & Advancement Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises( IDEAS)

Annex A: Instruments to be placed in SP